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Ensign - Public Notice Her Majesty

To the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty:

Most Gracious Sovereign: I, your Majesty's faithful subject of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Commonwealth of Australia its States, Territories and Colonies, in behalf of myself and the inhabitants of those Colonies beg leave to lay Grievances before the Crown.

It has come to attention through court action within the Northern Territory that the Australian Government, its States and Territories are registered corporations within a foreign nation, the United States under ICRC Treaties and the Lieber Code.

In this action of operating under a commercial banner it is to be drawn to the attention of Her Majesty that as a Chartered Corporation the “Australian Government” is wrongfully bearing arms which we believe to be an Armorial Ensign under the Crown. A Coat-of-Arms issued under Royal Warrant by King George V during the year of 1912, although without Royal Seal bearing powers is currently being used in dishonour.

The use of this Armorial Ensign no doubt brings forward use of a Heraldic Symbol, in a manner of dishonour in which the “Australian Government” is a Chartered Corporation and not that of a Crown Corporate Sole in bearing this Ensign. 

In doing these actions, it is said that as a foreign registered corporation, registered within the “United States” Securities and Exchange Commission, the “Australian Government” has shown grave misuse of Coat-of-Arms, not only to any position of Lord Constable or Earl Marshall but to Her Majesty the Queen and the Australian People.

It is understood that to bring these misgivings to the attention of the Queen is a serious matter, and that requests to see to matters in relation to the Armorial Ensign or Coat-of-Arms of Australia are urgent in nature.

In requesting Writ of Commission from the Chief Magistrate of the Northern Territory Magistrates Courts, questions of Jurisdiction were posed, to which no answer has been forthcoming, nor has any other reply but silence occurred. It was put to the Chief Magistrate that the court had no Writ of Commission and was Admiralty or Commercial in nature, to which the court have refused to acknowledge Jurisdiction.

Evidence of Commerical Registration was posed to the Office of the Administrator, the Office of Attorney General, Parliament and Judiciary to which all fall silent on the issue refusing to state eligibility to honour the positions in which they hold.

Included along with this Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Commonwealth of Australia is attached evidence, and historical material in support of claims made herein.

As we the people of Australia have no accessible law and order within the Realm of the Commonwealth of Australia at this current time, our Parliament closed, usurped from us by the current corporate governance. We the people request of Her Majesty that the Queen consider by Royal Appointment, a commission of experienced gentlemen and lawyers to hear the evidence of the heralds and other deponents for both parties, and arrive at a conclusion to this serious matter within the jurisdiction in which it falls, that of the Court of Constable and Marshal (Court of Chivalry), and subsequently provide access by the people to their parliament de jure so they may appoint judiciary and have the right of common (jus commune) within de jure Parliament of the Commonwealth.

Under Law of War (jus belli), in which this Coat-of-Arms is currently being used, it is brought to the attention of Her Majesty the grave concerns from a Loyal Crown Subject in relation to the usurpation of the Australian Parliament by a Chartered Corporation whom then made choice to enter war in support of a foreign nation, whilst registered as a foreign Chartered Corporation, and flying said Ensign or Coat-of-Arms during these campaigns bringing disgrace to the Crown as well as to the People of the Commonwealth of Australia at which the Chartered Corporation cannot claim right of proclaiming war (jus belli dicendi).

As we have no Lord Constable nor Earl Marshall within the Federal Commonwealth of Australia at which to approach, I ask Her Majesty to kindly accept this complaint for remedy.

Australia’s Ensign 

On 15th August 1906 Atlee Hunt, Edward Barton’s private secretary wrote to Captain Collins requesting procedures for authority of obtaining a Coat-of-Arms for Australia.

On 25th January 1907, the External Affairs Department of the Commonwealth stated that, under the advice of Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty Garter King-at-Arms only Queensland and New South Wales had Coat-of-Arms. This was in response to a request from a sculptor whom was in process of Memorial Statue for Queen Victoria after her passing in 1901.

KNOW YE therefore that WE of Our Princely Grace and Special Favour have granted and assigned and do by these Presents grant and assign for the Commonwealth of Australia the Armorial Ensigns following that is to say Argent upon a Cross of St. George cottised Gules five Mullets Or on a Bordure Azure six Escutcheons of field each charged with Mullet of Second, And for, the Crest on a Wreath of Colours, A star Or radiated Gules – And for Supporters On the dexter side Upon a Rock proper a Kangaroo guardant Or And on the sinister side Upon a similar Rock an Emu Or, together with the Motto “Advance Australia”, as the same are in the painting hereunto annexed more plainly depicted to be borne for the said Commonwealth of Australia on Seal Shields Banners or otherwise according to the Laws of Arms.

The design proposed was as follows, of which was approved King Edward the Seventh and given authority by Royal Warrant in 1908.

On January 24th 1908, the St Andrew Society of Edinburgh stated, “A Coat-of-Arms or Heraldic device is intended to represent the Commonwealth of Australia…”.

The design amended was as follows, of which was approved King George Fifth and given authority by Royal Warrant in 1912.

This use of this Coat-of-Arms as finally approved can be demonstrated in paperwork from the House of Representatives of The Parliament of the Commonwealth dated 16th April 1926.

Letters Patent issued 21st August 1984 did allow members of the Australian Parliament to usurp Common Law Values from the Australian people by an abuse of the powers of Governor General by passing the Australia Act 1986 without Referendum to the Australian People as required under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900. 

This is in-turn invoked the use of the previously created COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA registered on the UNITED STATES Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Chartered Corporation during the Prime Minister ship of Gough Whitlam.

See the following web site as evidence of Registration of the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation detailing End of Financial Year Reports and Notice of Effectiveness.
COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corporation # 0000805157

See the following web site as evidence of Schedule B to the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation detailing Commercial Guarantee of Debt Securities, also attached as evidence in List of Attachments;
See attached Evidence noting Commonwealth of Australia end of financial year 30th June 2010 United States Securities and Exchange Commission Annual Report.
As a result of this the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) has direct ties to the SEC as can be demonstrated by the included Memorandum of Understanding between the SEC and ASIC.
See attached Evidence noting Memorandum of Understanding dated 25th August 2008
NORTHERN TERRITORY OF AUSTRALIA Corporation #84085734992  
STATE OF QUEENSLAND as a Commonwealth Corporation State is also Registered within the US-SEC. 
STATE OF QUEENSLAND Corporation #0001244818 
And along with Operating Procedures tying the US-SEC to ASIC can be demonstrated by Registrations of all States, Local Governments, Cities and Towns within the Securities Body of ASIC.

It is condemned to copy or imitate another’s’ Armorial Bearing, Ensign or Coat-of-Arms, it is also forbidden to imitate, or masquerade under Coat-of-Arms causing malice to the owner of said Arms. Bartolo states that a Coat-of-Arms is an image, and an image cannot be owned, only the material thing upon which the image can be depicted can be owned. It is disheartening to have to inform Her Majesty of the serious nature of dishonour which has been perpetrated by the “Australian Government” in its claiming ownership by way of Registration for patent in the “United States” Patent Office as can be demonstrated below by the associated Registration Numbers.

It could therefore be stated that due to Registrations both within the US-SEC and within ASIC, all offices to which bear Armorial Ensigns may be in similar or exacting dishonor, or usurpation of Coat-of-Arms from its rightful Armiger, such as the States, Cities or Towns. 

Letters Patent was issued 21st August 2008 reversing Letters Patent dated 21st August 1984 regarding the Powers of the Governor General.

The Honourable Quinten Bryce did sign Oath of Office on 5th September 2008 recognising Letters Patent 21st August 2008 making the Governor General accountable under oath to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Second, the Office of Governor General has shown a dishonour to the Crown by allowing these misgivings to occur.

I thank you for your time in the reading of my complaint, and humbly produce evidence to you in support of these claims.

List of Attachments

  •  pg8 - Certificate of Acknowledgment United Kingdom of Australia 
  •  pg9 - Northern Territory Work Health Court Notice of Protest and Dishonour 
  •  pg19 - US SEC Commonwealth of Australia Corporation Annual Report 2010 
  •  pg26 - US SEC Commonwealth of Australia Corporation Schedule B 2009 
  •  pg141 - US SEC & ASIC Enhanced Enforcement MoU 2008
  •  pg152 - Australian Government use of Coat-of-Arms 2008